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Julie Gillard

I have visited Carole twice for two different therapies. Firstly I had several psychosensory therapies including the Havening Technique which cured me of a great fear of taking tablets, as I had built up an aversion to them. This really was a life threatening situation for me as I needed to take them as I was under a trial at Barts Hospital. I was in a desperate state of mind. It worked and I was able to proceed. I felt elated, stress free and so calm. It was truly incredible. I was amazed and so grateful to Carole.
My friend luckily for me had recommended her to me. On the second visit I had FLP ( the trademark Future Life Progression, using past life regression and future life progression too.) This was a truly remarkable experience. I learned of one of my previous lives and also was given the opportunity through this knowledge to go foreword in this life
for the better.
Carole is an extremely professional therapist. A remarkable lady. She is very caring and makes you feel so at ease with yourself. I highly recommend Carole Ritchie. Visiting her has changed my life for the better.

Pam Rose

Carole has helped me so much; others have noticed how much I’ve changed too. I’m more confident and resilient and able to deal with whatever comes my way, taking control of situations and giving my best, without becoming over anxious. I’ve been able to work through issues and use the techniques Carole has taught me to relax. If you are wondering whether to get Carole to help you, do it! It’ll be the best thing you ever do.

Mick Griffin

I attended an excellent workshop at our college. Carole was so professional and thought provoking. She gave numerous ideas for dealing with young difficult learners.
The relaxing session at the end of the day left me in a really happy place. An excellent power point presentation, backed up by years of experience and knowledge.
The best workshop I have attended in a long time.