Supervision & Coaching

Through regular one to one meetings with Carole Ritchie or one of her highly trained consultants, you will feel happier, cope better with the pressures of every day life and be successful.

Carole and her team will meet with you at work, at a mutually convenient and calm location or in one of her offices in Central London, South Essex or Chester.

They will take you through each of your difficult situations and make them manageable, help you to realise the solutions to your dilemmas, provide you with psychological tools to cope well, deal with pressure and rehears with you how to use those tools on an everyday basis.

  • Regular supervision or life coaching will help to maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing and establish excellent processes for managing stressful professional and personal situations.
  • Building resilience and being able to cope well will enhance your work / life balance and build professional productivity.
  • Communicating in a highly skilled manner with both work colleagues and family will enable all that you come into contact with to understand your needs and enable you to manage their input.
  • Managing difficult situations and people in a productive and solution oriented fashion to provide better outcomes for all will enable you to be more successful in both your personal and professional life.