Think Success

Carole Ritchie,

retired Headteacher


Director of Think Success UK Ltd

is a Hypnotherapist, Member of The College of Medicine and The Past and Future Lives Society. She is a Master Trainer in Future Life Progression, a certified Psy-Tap Practitioner, Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis.

Carole’s 1 to 1 sensitive and confidential therapeutic input includes the treatment of issues with anger management, obsessions, depression, sleep problems, confidence, and many other psychological barriers to achieving success in both your personal life and your professional setting.
Carole will be happy to visit your establishment or have a private telephone conversation with you, for a no-obligation assessment of your needs and a full explanation of her available courses, resources and terms and conditions.

The services offered includes:-

a year long programme of Resilience And Positivity (RAP), culminating in an award, a SEF ready report and a plaque

as well as training for parents and staff working with children and vulnerable adults in:

  • The Psychology and Physiology of Interactive Behaviour
  • Positive Behaviour Management with Children and adults of all ages (including those with Dementia).
  • Resilience And Positivity
  • De-escalating Difficult Situations and Incidents of Crisis
  • Managing Change in the Corporate World
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Team building & Motivating
  • Advanced Communication Skills

Carole also offers one to one input and can help you to:

  • Be really successful
  • Be more confident
  • Lose weight (including Hypnotic Gastric Band Treatment)
  • Stop smoking
  • Lose anxieties
  • Get rid of phobias and obsessions
  • Be better at public speaking
  • Get over stage fright

Carole has offices in London and Essex but works throughout the UK.

“If you would like to know more, drop me a line or give me a call and we’ll talk about what I can tailor to your or your company’s specific needs.”