Challenging Behaviour & Communication

This is a fun and informative course, designed to give all participants an understanding of what happens emotionally, psychologically and physically to a person when they are experiencing challenging behaviour.

We all experience challenging behaviour in our everyday lives, whether it be as a parent, a teacher, a carer, even on the road as a driver and going about our daily lives at times.

If you experience challenging behaviour at work it can add to the stresses and pressures of your workload.

Working with children can be particularly challenging at times and their behaviour can get in the way of them learning the academic and life skills they need to go on and achieve a successful adult life.

Working with the public or managing a team of people can present its own challenges and often entails having to deal with the behaviour of individuals, small groups or even large groups of people.

This course can be tailor made to meet your organisation’s needs and open courses are generic and for all to attend.

Course may include:

  • Understanding the physiology & psychology of interactive behaviour
  • Communicating calm
  • Using body language and positioning to de-escalate a potential crisis situation
  • Assessing and reducing the risk of experiencing aggressive behaviour
  • Managing challenging or aggressive behaviour
  • Recording and reporting incidents of challenging or aggressive behaviour
  • Writing and using Individual Behaviour Plans
  • Writing and using Positive Handling Plans
  • Creating and communicate an environment of respect and good manners
  • Understanding and using positive modelling
  • Defusing difficult situations eg fights, bullying, etc
  • Working with children with disabilities (including learning disabilities)
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Modelling
  • The importance of what we see
  • Cultivation of interdependence
  • The importance of relationships
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Emotional capital for leaders
  • Appropriate and positive touch
  • Building resilience and dealing with pressure or stress

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1 ½ hour seminar
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½ day training course
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1 day training course
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1 day open training course
£90 per person
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½ day open training course
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1 ½ hour seminar
£25 per person
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