About Carole

About Carole

About Carole

Based in South Essex, Carole is passionate about helping people and companies to reach their full potential and has developed Think Success UK to further use her talents as a therapist, trainer, coach and consultant. Think Success UK will enhance the ability of leaders and enable them to use the resources Carole herself has utilised over the years.

Carole trained as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis with Dr Richard Bandler and has taken part in further training with John La Valle, Michael Neil, Eric Robbie, Paul McKenna, Dr Stephen and Ronald Ruden, Kevin Laye and Anne Jirsch. She has successfully used her natural ability as a coach and a trainer to help numerous children, their parents, education staff and leaders in the world of business and sales.

I believe that people can achieve success in their professional and personal life through becoming more emotionally competent. There is an intrinsic link between success, positivity and happiness.
As Albert Schweitzer said …
… Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful …

Carole’s 1 to 1 work with clients suffering from sever anxieties, phobias and the results of trauma is particularly successful and and has seen rapid and lasting positive results. From clearing the residue of past experiences to gaining freedom from the debilitating affects of phobias, she has enabled her clients to go on to lead happy, successful lives.

I love my work as a therapist. Its an extremely privileged position to be in – experiencing clients walking into my office, heads bowed, suffering or trapped, to watch that look of “Wow” when they leave, heads up, smiles on their face. I give thanks every day for the privilege of of my work.

Carole has brought up three children as a single parent, while studying and gaining a degree in education as a mature student. She spent time successfully running a design business and beat cancer In 1984. She has been a positive inspiration to a great many people.

Successful, positive and happy adults inspire young people to become successful, positive happy adults of the future.

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